June 25, 2013

Keith Shore + Mikkeller

Beer Geek Brunch Festival 2012 - 18 x 24 / 4 Color Screen Print, Edition of 65

I know that there is a bit of truth to the old saying, "You can't judge a book by it's cover." But, if an amazing story is wrapped in an amazing image, how can that not be a win / win for everyone who takes that chance? Though, to be fair, no matter how much talent goes into the cover; if the story is weak, you just feel ripped off. The same can be said of beer and beer labels. 

I love art, and I love beer. Together, when everything is just right, they're a perfect storm. And in the case of the art of Keith Shore and the brews of Mikkeller - it's that win / win situation. I love Mikkeller beer, but it was the art of the label that made them stand out in the cooler, amidst the many, many, many, many craft beers at my local bottle shop. The label made me want to take that first sip of an at the time unknown to me brewery. Now, I'm a fan of both parties. I've even paid tribute to that beer in my 99 Bottles of Beer painting series. The beer was Mikkeller's collaboration with Brewdog - I Hard Core You, an "American Style Double IPA." 

Side note: that American craft brewing is now an influence on European craft brewing... beautiful! What's even more beautiful is that Mikkeller is coming to the USA!!! I'm eagerly awaiting the opening of their San Francisco Bar later this year.

I can hear the 101 North calling already!

June 14, 2013

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