May 18, 2012

Minor Me // Starlet

Are Minor Me stalking Scarlett Johansson? Maybe. Are they writing melodic, pop rock songs (with titles which rhyme with her name) just to get her attention? Yes. Did they take it one step further and  make a video in support of the song? Yes. Oh, and top of that, they also asked me to paint the cover. Enjoy!

May 15, 2012

Reminiscing: Dublab // Into Infinity

Back in 2008, I was invited to contribute to Dublab & Creative Common's collaborative project: Into Infinity, which paired a visual artist with a musical artist. 

The visual artist was given a 12" round piece of white paper to do whatever they wished to, except disrupt the circular shape. Next, the musician was asked to create an 8 second audio loop. Finally, the two were paired together in compliment and contrast. My visuals were matched up with the sounds of Adventure Time. In 2009, the visual and audio elements were combined into a a gallery exhibition/live performance at Look Gallery in Nakano, Japan.

My piece was titled Themotherfunkydrummershipconnection. What do you think this is in tribute to?