January 2, 2012

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Bob Dylan: A Rare Batch Of Little White Wonder, Vol.3 - It's All Over Now (Joker, 1975)

On an unrelated note on Bob Dylan, I had a weird dream a few months ago with him in it. Bob appeared, not as himself in the flesh, but as an old b&w photo, as if I was seeing him on a movie screen. The photo of him was as if it was him from the time around his "Before the Flood" era in which he toured with The Band in 1974. He spoke to me, but not in a way in which his mouth was moving. It was like psychic telekenesis, or psychokenesis.

When he spoke he said, "No matter how evil I ever was, I didn't ever not love God. No matter how far I strayed, I never didn't think about God."