April 30, 2010

An Homage to Zeitgeist

The Most Happiest Place on Earth Acrylic on 11 x 11 panel. *NFS

April 27, 2010

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings

Acrylic on paper, June 2009 *Sold

April 26, 2010

Philip Guston

Philip Guston The Studio (1969) Oil on 48 x 42 canvas, from the collection of Musa Guston.

April 22, 2010

Banksy in downtown Los Angeles?

Broadway & 9th

April 17, 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Last night, I went to the West LA premier of Exit Through the Gift Shop at the Landmark Theater.

Aside from the fact that the shakey hand held camera shots and the out of focus blur that lasts the entire lenght of the film made me vomit (no, seriously...worse than Blair Witch Project, at last for me), I liked the film.

It avoided both extreme pitfalls that a film about graffiti could have fallen into. It wasn't over conceptualized &/or Social Anthropologized and, it didn't wind up being an X-treme sport &/or tough graf guy clip montage.

But seriously, does anyone really believe that Thierry Guetta isn't Banksy himself or at least a fictitious character conceived of by him?

April 9, 2010

Fake Flying Saucers

Acrylic on 14 x 19 panel, 2008 *Sold

April 6, 2010

Dale Magazine

Dale Magazine A 72 pages cultural magazine, developed as a final project for college. It features several types of articles, a cultural activity agenda, and an artist dossier.

Revista Dale Revista cultural de 72 páginas, desarrollada como último trabajo para la facultad. Incluye notas de contenidos varios, una agenda de actividades, y un dossier de artista.

*This is not about me.

April 4, 2010

Echo Park Art Walk