March 19, 2010

A little help from his friends

Artists and musicians band together to help pay for costly but effective stem cell therapy for Gavin Peters.

The Art by Claudia Pardo McFadyen

Brook Dalton, organizer and avid art collector, is curating the art exhibit for the Gavin Peters benefit, an eclectic mix of works in a variety of media — oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, charcoal, photography, printwork and collage, in diverse sizes and thematic approaches.

Humorous paintings by Santa Barbara artist Andy Proctor, ambiguous characters by L.A native Mike Stilkey, the rock photography of Tim Bramlette and animated imagery by Evan Ames are a few of the contributions to the cause. The exhibit will be displayed at the Lodge in an improvised installation on the night of March 19 only. All work is for sale at a fraction of its actual value.

Also among the contributing artists are Oxnard-based Matt Linares (pictured: “Behold Mr. Incomplete”), who has donated several of his acrylic paintings. His imaginative renderings of highly detailed robots in settings evocative of Armageddon are visual concoctions of galactic fairy tales. L.A. artist ZOSO’s graffiti-inspired paintings incorporate icons from American pop culture and carry the urban whimsy of illustrative technique. Myna Sonou’s featured work is an engaging story of mythical suggestion, sensually organic and serene despite its elaborate visual narrative. Dale Dreiling from L.A. offers a large, slumberous portrait of Bill Murray amidst a textural collage.

The underlying and impressive aspect of this eclectic mix of work is the unpretentiousness that surrounds it. Both established and emerging artists — even an anonymous painter — have generously given their work and allowed Dalton the discretion to price it accordingly. Equally impressive is the caliber of art for sale. Nontraditional works, edgier visual themes and tongue-in-cheek characterization make up the bulk of the exhibit. Max Neutra from L.A. will also be painting live.

Other contributing artists are: Lisa Cruz, Ventura; Drake Bays,Ventura; Kile Garcia, Ventura; Matt Barks, Ventura; Meaghan Myers, Ventura; Nick Goodenough, Ventura; Ian Gonzaga, Santa Maria; Trevor Beld-Jimenez, Ventura; Mickey Lecler, L.A.; Kristen Williams, L.A.; Steven Russel, Ventura; Rob Sisson, Ventura; Seth Pettersen, Ventura; Aaron Cornelius, Fillmore; Sasha Green, Ventura; Cam Miller, Santa Barbara; Grant Ensminger, Ventura; Eric Salamon, San Francisco and HARO, L.A.

Art may be viewed online and purchased prior to the event. Work that doesn’t sell at the event will remain for sale online with proceeds going to Gavin Peters: www.michelle

*Originally published by VC Reporter.

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